Divine and Holy Gospels (01643)

BXM: 001643
Exhibition room: III Intellectual and Artistic Activity in the 15th century

Date: 1560

Dimensions (cm): 28x20
Provenance: Venice
Creator: Printing Press of Giacomo Leoncini

Giacomo Leoncini purchased the printer s type and the trademark of Andrea Kounadis and used them in his publications.  He printed mainly ecclesiastical works as well as some secular ones (mainly reprints of earlier publications) between 1560 and 1585.   In his editions of texts from folk literature he used the celebrated woodcuts in the Venetian style which had illustrated the 1526 edition of the translation by Loukas Soygdouris of Homer s Iliad into Modern Greek. This printed book is also decorated with woodcuts.  At the start of St John s Gospel, on f. 1v, is
depicted the Crucifixion.  The Gospel was surrendered in 1892 to the Christian Archaeological Society by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.