Wall-painting with stylized lilies (01449)

BXM: 001449
Exhibition room: I.2 Secular life

Date: 5th-6th c.

Provenance: National Garden in Athens

Delicate shoots ending in spirals which resemble lilies are depicted in the wall-painting. They have been picked out in scarlet on the light coloured lime plaster.  The wall-painting was detached from the wall of a room in a large built complex discovered in the north-east corner of the National Garden near Herod Atticus St. in Athens.  Its considerable size and lavish construction permit us to suppose that it was probably a public building.  Four of the fifteen rooms which were excavated were decorated with wall-paintings.  The building dates back to the 2nd century, but the wall-paintings belong to the last phase of its construction in the 5th-6th century.