Clay amphora (00110)

BXM: 000110
Exhibition room: I.2 Secular life

Date: 6th c.

Dimensions (cm): 17 Χ 4,8 Χ 7
Provenance: Athens

A small clay amphora covered in brownish yellow slip.  On the upper part of the body parallel bands have been incised.  Traces left by the use of a potter's wheel can be clearly distinguished on the inner and outer surfaces.  The vessel was used as a grave gift in a tomb discovered on odos Vouvrache Kynosargous, during excavations led by I. Threpsiades focused on a cluster of Early Christian tombs in the Makrigianni district of Athens, which is well known for its cemeteries.  It came to the Byzantine Museum in 1952 and is dated to the 6th century.