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open hours: Monday 10:00-16:00 | Tuesday-Sunday: 09:30-17:30

02 November 2016 until 07 March 2017

The exhibition with Treasures from the Collections of the State Hermitage Museum is the culmination of a series of exhibitions and events which the Byzantine and Christian Museum staged in 2016 to celebrate the dedicatory cross-cultural year ‘Greece in Russia, Russia in Greece 2016’. Significant archaeological treasures and works of art that come from the imperial collections of the State Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg are displayed in the galleries of the Museum for the first time ever. Objects of superb aesthetic and artistic value, which the Czars of the Romanov dynasty collected incessantly for two centuries, initiated by Peter the Great (1672–1725), established since the late 17th century the immensely rich collections of the Hermitage, thereby turning it from 1805 onwards into one of the largest and most significant Museums in the world.       

The exhibition which the Byzantine and Christian Museum designed is centered on selected archaeological artefacts, works or art, objects of minor arts and paintings that come from the main collections which comprise the State Hermitage Museum, and simultaneously introduces the museum audience to the way art and its aesthetics were perceived and construed in Europe and to life in the Russian court.

General Coordination
Dr. Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki: General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

Dr. Elena Korka, Director of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage
Souzana Choulia-Kapeloni, Director of the Directorate of Museums
Dr. Aikaterini P. Dellaporta, Director of the Byzantine and Christian Museum
Nikoleta Saraga, Head of the Department of Exhibitions and Museum Research of the Directorate of Museums
Dr. Kalliopi-Phaidra Kalafati, Head of the Department of the Archaeological Collections of Icons, Wall-Paintings, Mosaics, Copies, Manuscripts, Anthivola, Engravings, Drawings, Incunabula and the Loverdos Collection of the Byzantine and Christian Museum
Dr. Maria Borboudaki, Head of the Department of Sculptures, Woodcarvings, Ceramics, Minor Arts, Textiles and Canvases of the Byzantine and Christian Museum

Supervision of Exhibition
Sofia Gerogiorgi, Ioanna Alexandri, Dr. Jenny Albani, Dr. Antonis Tsakalos, Dafni Tsironi

Museographical study-Implementation
Anestei Parisi, Spyros Nasainas

Administrative Support
Tasia Zacharatou, Aggeliki Peleki, Emy Vogiatzi, Aspasia Kouroumali, Pelagia Koukoreba, Eleftherios Litsos, Chrysoula Liapi, Kyriaki Georgali

General Coordination-Curator of the Exhibition
Dr. Aikaterini P. Dellaporta

Realization supervision
Dr. Maria Borboudaki, Sofia Gerogiorgi, Ioanna Alexandri

Museographical Design and Installation
Anestei Parisi, Spyros Nasainas

Antiquities Conservation
Evangelos Arbilias, Youli Doskari, Eleni Zarikou, Thanasis Kavasis, Aggeliki Kalamitsi, Artemis Kabouraki, Giorgos Korkovelos, Akis Margaritof, Basilis Bakalis, Nikos Mylonas,
Babis Papatheologou, Baso Papakosta, Jenny Perdikari, Ioanna Stefani, Dafni Filiou

Graphic Design
Yannis Stavrinos, Giorgos Soupios

Nikos Mylonas

Public relations- Promotion
Katerina Choina, Magda Zindrou,Elena Betzou

Technical support
Giannis Gonios, Petros Kalofonos, Spyros Xepapadakis

Giannis Tsonis, Sotiris Tsonis, Nikos Stamatopoulos

Administrative Support
Maria Bitha

Wood structures-Museum Cases
Manos Lignos

Plexiglass structures
Miltos Tsafas

Inox supports
Dimitris Drosos

Petros Pavlik

Digital printing
Nikos Paschalidis

Dimitris Doumas

Transportation in Greece
Orpheas Beinoglou

Virtual tour 360o
eyeSphere | Immersive Media και eyesphere.net

Organization committee
Professor Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director of the State Hermitage Museum
Professor Georgy Vilinbakhov, Deputy of the General Director of the State Hermitage Museum and Research Departments
Dr. Svetlana Adaksina, Deputy of the General Director of the State Hermitage Museum, General Curator
Professor Sergey Androsov, Head of the Department of Western European Fine Art
Professor Andrey Alexeyev, Head of the Archaeology of Eastern Europe and Siberia Department
Dr. Natalya Kozlova, Head of the Oriental Department
Dr. Anna Trofimova, Head of the Department of Classical Antiquities
Dr. Vyacheslav Fedorov, Head of the History of Russian Culture Department
Exhibition concept-Curator
Dr. Mikhail Dedinkin, Deputy of the Head of the Department of Western European Fine Art
Work Group
Tatyana Baranova, Mikhail Dedinkin, Alexandra Kattsova, Elena Korolkova, Olga Kostyuk, Zoya Kuptsova, Maria Menshikova, Alexander Solin, Arseniy Sokolov

Antiquities Conservation
Supervision: Tatyana Baranova, Head of the Department of Scientific Restoration and Conservation