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Byzantine and Christian Museum :: Education


As part of its commitment to playing an ever more significant educational role, the Byzantine and Christian Museum began to design and implement educational programmes in 1989.
The Museum set up its Educational Programmes Office (EPO) in 2000 with a view to engaging in more, and more systematic, educational activities. Its core aims are: 1) to provide support for a range of target visitor groups through the provision of multiple interpretational/educational proposals, and 2) to contribute to the Museums efforts to upgrade its educational and communicational profile.
The Educational Programmes Office therefore:
    Contributes to the design of exhibitions and other activities aimed at the public through its participation in the Museums specialist design groups.
    Designs and implements thematically organized educational programmes for school groups (in Greek language) of every age and level. The programmes make use of both permanent and temporary exhibitions.
    Organizes informational meetings for teachers concerning the permanent exhibition.
    Designs and implements interpretational/educational activities for families.
    Designs educational activities tailored to the needs of groups of people with disabilities.
    Designs educational activities tailored to the needs of adult groups of various kinds.
    Designs and distributes educational material.
    Develops collaborations with educational and cultural organizations.

For more information:
Byzantine and Christian Museum
Educational Programmes Office
Vasilissis Sofias 22
106 75 Athens
tel.: [+30] 213 213 9507
Fax: [+30] 210 7231883
e-mail: edu.bma_at_culture.gr (substitute "at" with @)