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Fotis Sarris (1937-2011). Painting.

29 January 2014 until 17 May 2014

The retrospective of the painter Fotis Sarris at the Byzantine and Christian Museum, two and a half years after his death, illuminates for the first time his artistic journey in its entirety. Simultaneously, it presents his relationship with the Byzantine art, a relationship which has hardly been studied and commented until now. The exhibition attempts to highlight the interactive relationship of the artist with the content and the patterns of the Byzantine painting tradition that is expressed through a deeply personal and primarily political artistic creation.

The exhibition (with 75 works by Fotis Sarris on display) is divided into three sections: the first is a partial reconstitution of the atelier and of the library of the artist, in order to demonstrate his research work and his close relationship with the pigments of the past as well as with the written sources that mention them. The long and thorough study and work of Fotis Sarris with the pigments of the post-Byzantine painters allow us to bring the public into direct contact with this source material.

The second section presents Saris’ secular production coming from all his artistic periods while the third contains his religious works.
The presentation gives to the visitors the excellent opportunity to follow the journey of the Byzantine iconographic patterns into the contemporary artistic language of the painter.