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Lefteris Olympios Facing Byzantium

04 December 2012 until 03 February 2013

Lefteris Olympios exhibition Facing Byzantium contains selected works representative  of his artistic creation (1993-2012). It is also a response to an important aspect of art:the contemporary artistic idiom can reformulate religious iconographic themes in a fascinating way.

Olympios painting is experiential. Experiences and personal philosophy are expressed through the assimilated Byzantine tradition and the deep knowledge of ecumenical religious iconography.

Olympios usually creates thematic series. In "Hospitality", which initiates from a Byzantine icon of the 14th century, Abrahams Christian hospitality is taken out of its religious context and is clothed in the artists memories. The Journey is the Flight from Egypt, but also the flight of the refugees, and the journey of wandering. In "Virgins of Beauty," Vingin Mary, a symbol of Christianity, becomes the symbol forwoman. "Matter of choice" is proof of Olympios flawless technique, in the abstract way of depiction, in the use of colour, in the studious rendering of composition.

Olympios works are inspired by Byzantium, not just in their adoption of religious themes, but also because they carry within them the profound spirituality of the Byzantine era.