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Theodoros Papagiannis "Bread"

17 June 2012 until 22 September 2012

For the exhibition in the Byzantine & Christian Museum Theodoros Papagiannis chose to present representative works from his artistic production from the last 15 years in a really new concept. The bread, a symbol of great importance for Christianity and a favourite subject for the artist, is the core around which the narrative of the exhibition is organized.

A long, crowded procession, comprised of small clay figures, sets out from the darkness and moves toward the light, running the length of two halls to come forward the third and last, the hall of the bread. This procession is flanked by oversized forms made by metal and wood. In the middle of the last hall, a huge pan dominates, full of clay bread- models, while behind it sandbags piled with wheat are standing. In the corners cruciform wooden figures frame the central installation, in a set that recalls the space of the Byzantine altar and the sacrament of the Divine Liturgy (Eucarist).

Within the halls of the Byzantine Museum Papagiannis art acquires new meaning and content recalling religious and historical memoirs.