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The FACES of Ioannis Lassithiotakis

03 April 2012 until 03 June 2012

On Wednesday, April 4th 2012 at 19.30 is inaugurated in the Byzantine and Christian Museum the exhibition of Ioannis Lassithiotakis "Faces". The artist presents 30 works, which he created during the last few years. Between them one can find a series of works that he created on the occasion of the exhibition at the Byzantine Museum. This painting is one that focuses on studying the human form, an issue concerning the artist exclusively for at least 10 years.

The selection of the faces is made from photographs gathered by the artist, focusing on the facial and psychological interest that appears on the people. After the characters are presented with a special technique: humidification of canvas and dilution of colour.The metaphysical and psychological interest of the faces, the immobility, as well as the thoughtful and the melancholic mood of the faces, the frontal depiction and the frequent absence of background in the paintings are some of the elective affinities between Lassithiotakis artistic idiom and the Byzantine art.

The presentation of Ioannis Lassithiotakis’ work in the Byzantine Museum promotes the dialogue between the contemporary art and the art of the past.