Psalter (1v-2r) (01620)

BXM: 001620
Exhibition room: IV.3δ Monasteries: flowering and brilliance

Date: 1583

Dimensions (cm): 28,5x20,5
Creator: Loukas the Cypriot

Folios 1v-2r have a whole-page miniature of the Prophet David and a decorative headpiece with an initial "M".  Loukas the Cypriot, bishop of the city of Bozeos in Wallachia (1583) and Metropolitan of Hungaro-Wallachia from 1603 to 1629 signed the codex.  He was one of the most important scribes of his time, and had a considerable circle of pupils.  The codex was presented to the Byzantine Museum by Angeliki Chatzimachali.