Semi-circular marble skylight with folk art motifs (01475)

BXM: 001475
Exhibition room: IV.3 The Ottoman Conquest and the "Genos"

Date: 18th-19th c.

Dimensions (cm): 60Χ81Χ3

The skylight has openings on two levels and decorative motifs arranged symmetrically around them.  The ornament, inspired by folk art, includes vases of [stylized] flowers, armed men wearing baggy breeches, ships and crowns.  It has been executed in champlevé technique in a careful and precise fashion.  Skylights of this sort are usually called "Tiniot" after the island of Tinos where they are to be found in abundance.  But the fact that they can also be found on other Cycladic islands and even in the Sporades makes this terminology merely a convention.