Culture in the neighborhoods

Wensday, 29 June, 2022

Culture in the neighborhoods
Wensday, 29 June,  2022

The event is held in relation to the action of Culture in the neighorhoods- second stop Pagrati organized by the Athens Culture Net of the Municipality of Athens in collaboration with each members and affiliate organizations.

The museum curators of Byzantine and Christian Museum from 10:30-12:30 will present selected exibits from the permanent exhibition, such as:

The “Mona Liza…” of the Museum!

Brief mention of the evolution of the Early Christian low screen (chancel) of the presbyterium to the Eastern Orthodox alter wall (iconostasis). 

“In pastures green”. Christians in the face of death.

The rescue of two distinctive icons.

The clothing during Franklish rule through three sculptures.

A work by the Cretan painter Andreas Ritzos bearing special iconographic 
characteristics (Jesus Hominum Salvator).

Medicine and faith: therapeutic collars.

Monasteries: flowering and brillianc through the engravings.

Icon depecting the scene of the Confession.

Ages: from 7 years.
Entrance free