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School groups

Exhibitions at the Byzantine and Christian Museum can be used as an educational tool by school groups. Educators wishing to bring a school group to the Museum should note that:
    The visit should be booked well in advance with the Educational Programmes Office (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 15:00).
    The Museum requires an address and telephone number for participating schools, plus the name of the teacher(s) accompanying the group(s).
    Visits have to be confirmed at least one week before they are due to take place.
    Start times must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid congestion and ensure a smooth flow of visitors through the exhibitions.
    No group should contain more than 30 schoolchildren.
    Each group has to be accompanied by at least one teacher.
    It is beneficial for teachers accompanying groups to have visited the Museum and its exhibitions prior to the school visit.
    Most of the Museums exhibition spaces are accessible to people with mobility disabilities.
    Entrance to the Museum is free for students and accompanying teachers.
    Food and drink cannot be consumed, or mobile phones used, in the exhibition spaces.
    There is no canteen or cafe in the Museum at present.
    Students must leave their school bags in the cloakroom before entering the exhibition.

Teachers who would like to accompany a group to the Museum should also know that:
    Their group can take part in one of the Museums educational programmes.
    Their group can conduct an independent educational focusing on their own special needs and interests.
    They can attend the informational meetings which the Museum organizes for teachers.