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Byzantine and Christian Museum :: Education .::. Adults


In its efforts to assure a pleasant and meaningful museum experience for a range of visitor groups, the Byzantine and Christian Museum stages thematically-organized interpretative tours of its exhibitions for groups of adults.
To date, the Museum has staged actions of this sort adapted to the needs of:
•    Groups of students and other adults enrolled in educational programmes;
•    Cultural associations;
•    Groups of senior citizens in collaboration with Open Care Centers for the elderly and similar organizations.
•    Groups of adults enrolled in rehabilitation programmes.
•    Groups of adults enrolled in mental health programmes.
In each case, the staff of the Educational Programmes Office work with the people responsible for the groups to pinpoint the unique features, needs and interests of the participants and make their visit as effective as possible.
Anyone responsible for such a group who wants to book a visit of this sort can do so by phone on [+30] 213 213 9507 (Monday to Friday, 11:00 to 14:00).